Monday, November 26, 2012

Find a friend, wrap up your life, pack your bike.. and hit the road.

Find a friend... The next big trip since Europe had been brewing a while, but the thought was always way in the future. Then I crossed paths with Dariya, now a dear friend, this summer in Whitehorse,YK and the dream becomes reality!!
Dariya is like a sister I never had. When we talk, we don't stop.. quick friends, in similar places in our lives .. she had a bike that was waiting to go touring, I had a dream that was waiting for an extra pair of wheels to get moving. 

We hiked the West Coast Trail together this summer and passed the test of endurance of landscape and each other's company... 

...and now 5 months later we are sipping coconut milk iced mocha together in Blue Diamond Cafe in Chiang Mai, Thailand getting ready to explore SE Asia by bike.

Dariya and I are keeping individual blogs on this trip. Check out her posts and beautiful photos here.

Thank you Solidream for being an inspiration to set off on this journey and for being the reason I met Dariya!

Thank you colleagues friends at Prism Engineering for the past 4 years and for being so supportive of me taking off for this adventure.

Thank you mommy for being full of reassurance, pure love, and for your unconditional support through the last bit of stress to get ready for taking off on this trip.

Thank you Iram and Maureen for having me at your place the last two weeks to help me save money and saturate my soul with your abundant generosity in friendship and love.

Thank you Ryan for connecting me to Jo and Adam. Thank you Jo and Adam for taking in Lady and Olive (my cats!) to bring me peace of mind for this trip.

Thank you friends all around the world for sharing my excitement for this adventure.

Ok enough with the thank yous ... no? I could go on forever!
Ok maybe one more .. in Thai - Kob Kun Kaaaaaaa....

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