Thursday, November 29, 2012

Saturn returns

Ainaz is in Lamphun.

Today we started riding :)

For the past 5 days I've been enjoying catching up with Dariya, exploring Chiang Mai, and getting ready for the road ahead.


Lastnight we celebrated the full moon at the annual lantern festival (Loi Krathong) on the Ping river... we sent a lantern into the sky and floated a flower Krathong with three incents for Buddha down the river... to let go of what we had to let go.


So far.... Thailand is... friendly locals with very little English spoken, crazy traffic but curteous drivers, street food of mostly meat but also veggie pad thai and deep fried anything you can imagine, night markets with temptingly cheap beautiful clothes and handcrafts, fruit stands with nothing but exotic tasty tropical gems, $5/1.5hr Thai Massage (my world has changed! I had no idea)....and yes, there are temples evvvvvverywhere... all breathtakingly magnificent. You cannot forget to stay connected to Buddha in this part of the world.

Tonight Dariya surprised me with a cake, for my birthday, that she carried in her pannier all day :)

Notes for the traveller:
-Jacky Bike in Chiang Mai is a good bike shop. They are good with quick repairs, decent selection of bike gear, and happy to order what they don't have for you from Bangkok.
-Taking the Red Truck taxis is 20baht (.70 cents), you can wave one down anywhere, but riding your bike into the city is priceless!
-We stayed at Chaba House guesthouse. It's not in the heart of the city, but it's peaceful and lots of nice people from all over the world were staying there... mostly taking Thai massage courses. ~550baht for two bedroom+bath and breakfast included.
-Spiritual healing and Thai Massage at Chang Chalaad with Chai will cost you a little more than elsewhere, but it's worth it. He speaks fluent French and ok English.
-Clothes you buy at the street market will bleed dye in the wash, don't mix your colours like we did... it ruins everything!


  1. Already such fabulous pictures - I love your writing and look forward to plenty more! Take care and enjoy getting lost... :-)

    p.s. Kitties are doing just fine!

  2. Gorgeous piccies Ainaz, looks like you're having a fab time! Isabelle painted flames on your car and bought fuzzy dice and a pine tree air freshener. Sorry! Missing you!

  3. Way to walk the walk, Ainog! Thanks for including the post script cyclist notes - who knows...I still might make it down there some day! Bonne chance, mon amie.

  4. I love you Ainazi and am so proud of you:)