Tuesday, November 27, 2012


It was only 2.5 months ago that the decision was final: I would find a new home for my cats, put my engineering career on hold, quit my job of 4 years, give up my sweet Main St. apartment in Vancouver, give away or lend most of my "things" to friends, try to remember all the contracts and appointments that needed to be cancelled and give myself the biggest gift for my 29th birthday - the gift of time - A year to explore, to experiment with new cultures & circumstances, to allow life to unfold naturally.

We accumulate so much stuff in our lives - especially when we stay in one place. It's not easy to find the balance between what we need and what we want in our first world North American living. If you have moved recently, I'm sure you had a moment of realizing you had way more that you thought. 
One of the reasons I love cycle-touring is that in this nomad lifestyle you live with bare minimums essential to your immediate daily survival and instead of collecting material souvenirs you learn to nourish your soul's desires with connections to people and landscapes. When you move purely with your own power you gain a deeper appreciation for the energy it takes to move matter against gravity!

I am grateful for the fortunate life I have in Vancouver, but it had been some time that I felt lost in the fast city life filled with much nonnegotiable routine. I miss all of you, my friends, already ... but I know I need to unplug in order to grow and know with more certainty what my next move is going to be in this game of life.

So a one way ticket to Thailand, a loose plan for the year, and a friend happy with the same was just what I needed to get started.

It's a bit ironic that I picked SE Asia as the destination to "disconnect from the fast city life"! The first thoughts that came up as I waited in line to board my flight and during my 1 day layover in Hong Kong were ...
I. Asia is full,
II. In Asia, if you don't pay attention you fall behind quickly,
III. In Asia, if you don't have intention you get swooped by the flow of the masses,
IV. in Asia, if you get lost, it will not be easy to find your way again.

Then again maybe this setting is exactly what I need to grow .. if I can stay connected with my true self and live from my nature in Asia, I can do it anywhere.

Thank you Dariya for waiting patiently while I wrapped up my Vancouver life.
Thank you Mighty Riders and Dizzy Cycles for getting my bike ready for this trip.
Thank you Vancouver friends who helped me downsize my STUFF to 5 boxes and a suite case in my mom's storage!

Some shots from leaving Vancouver and layover in Hong Kong:

Lost in Translation:

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