Saturday, December 29, 2012

Just a Normal Day

Ainaz is in Chantaburi.

Dariya's alarm goes off at 5am, mine at 5:20.
We stay in bed, rolling around, talking, stretching, snoozing until 5:45...waiting for the other one to initiate the day.
I try not to think about how ridiculously early it is.
We put on the clothes picked out the night before.
Breakfast is either some fresh fruit and crackers, or yogurt and muesli.
Pack up the room we called home for one night.
Finally learned a system to carry all my belongings in one load!
We load the bikes and hit the road by 6:30.
It's my favourite time of the day, to peddle and watch the sun rise, the city wake up. As the haze lifts from the rice fields around, the store keep is sweeping his square of the side walk. Scooters with all variety of attached side cars are heading out to do business - street food, ice cream, carrying pipes or coal or groceries or his or her entire family, sometimes even the family dog is piled on. If we're lucky, we see the monks go walking door to door to receive the food the citizens have prepared them as Alms in return of their devoted spiritual work for collective awakening.
All motorbikes in Thailand have a sidecar
We peddle through, until around 11am, stopping at least once to buy some food from the street markets, to replenish water, or to dispose some processed water!
Everyday I wish I had my camping stove
The traffic depends on the road. The worst is lots of cars, loaded trucks and scooters veering around; the best is occasional car or scooter passing by and having a chance to exchange a friendly smile with a local riding slowly on their bike heading the opposite way.
The road conditions are typically inversely co-related to the traffic, which is just fine. Main arteries have wide shoulders and decent pavement; small rural roads have no shoulder and sometimes barely wide enough for two cars to pass, typically with big surprise potholes!

For lunch, we pick out a shady spot off the road. A friendly restaurant, a wooden shack on a rice field or in today's case a surprise Orchid garden behind a gas station :)
I love my $5 hammock!
Lunch is water melon, maybe a salad of cucumbers and tomatoes dressed with sesame seeds and lime juice, maybe some rice and a Coca-Cola if we are at a restaurant.
It's always hard to get moving again after lunch, specially if we've found a place to hang the hammocks for a siesta!
We roll by 3pm after talking about it for half an hour...

Afternoon ride always includes a break at a 7eleven or Tesco to cool off our brains and body with the AC. Stepping back out always feels like walking into a sauna. Typical afternoon is 30C.
Healthy Living Shmelty Living
On lucky days, we find ourselves in the right place at the right time with some locals interested in a chat and we are rewarded with the most genuine way of learning about Thailand.
Thai Mama called up her son and his friend to entertain us for lunch
We ride until 4:30/5pm and then the game of finding a place to sleep begins! What will the magic word be today? Hotel, bungalow, guesthouse, resort,...?
The chore of searching for a place to sleep every night is balanced with the gorgeous colours of sky with the evening sun which beautifies the landscape even more.

Once we find the place, we usually bargain if it seems like they are giving us a tourist price, because we are not tourists, we are travellers ;)

Dinner is either another salad, spiced up with fresh basil and cilantro, carrots and corn; or some specially picked out street food. Ordering street food is always an adventure, trying to make the cook understand that we are vegetarian, we want lots of vegetables in our food, and we want it all fried up again to kill all germs (hopefully not all the nutrition).
Pad Si Yew - my most favourite Thai dish :)
If it's been a good day, or a tough day (so pretty much everyday), we reward ourselves by sharing a bottle of Singha bee-a or a Magnum ice cream!
Dariya says, "eat my peanuts and drink your beer, before I eat my peanuts and drink your beer!"

Then we look at the map and pick out the route for tomorrow, answer some emails if we have internet, and pick out the clothes for tomorrow before crawling into our mummy sleeping liners!!!
Bonne nuit!


  1. Thanks again girls for this experience. Ainaz our computer was not infectect, bisou

  2. Nice Pad Si Yew, but when you are back we are going for a real one.
    Happy new year Ainaz.

  3. love reading your blog!
    it's a good reminder of the vital existence of the world and lives out side of my own.

    keep up with the good work my friend. I'm so proud of you!