Saturday, May 18, 2013

There is a little Buddha in everyone - a post of my trip's velosophies

Ainaz is here.
Riding a bicycle is the best way for discovering new places .....within oneself.

Please note that I write this post really for myself, to read in the future to review the lessons I once learned, through my cycle-tour of SE Asia ;)
I post it here, to store it with my blog, for easy access via the www and to continue to share with you the verbalization of my experiences. These words may or may not have meaning or significance for you in your life... I ask you to read this post mindfully, without judgement and to keep it for your eyes only, to respect its sacredness to me.

Sometimes you need to go down the wrong road a bit to appreciate/realize the better route was behind you.
If you go back before it's too far passed, it's worth it. If you've gone too far already, move on and trust that there are other good routes ahead.

When following a goal, if you look a little bit ahead, it's easier to stay on course than to stare right in front of your foot.

When your load is heavy, sinking rhythm with it will help you dance through it.

I notice I am only anxious when I am not self sufficient... whether it be for food, accommodation,  transportation,  etc.

I am impatient.
I am impatient most of all about things I'm really excited about.

Beware of your tone towards others, no matter what your mood. Be kind and even better playful!
"others" includes yourself.

Judging others for being judgmental is ironic!

I run because if I stay still I think I have to matter and make meaning.

It's a fine line between living your nature and feeding your ego.

SE Asia was all same same but different, so is just about everything else.

If you really really want something, you will eventually have it :)

You grow most in the moments of adventure that you don't know if you'll live through.

Learn about your body. Learn about your own strengths and weaknesses. Your body and your character are your only tools at playing the game of life. It's your responsibility to make sure you win at life, no one else will or can do it for you.

When you see something you know you want, pursue it, buy it, eat it, likely won't find it again later and you will regret it [I regret not buying the green dress in the LP market, I regret not buying the kroma scarf from the lady who didn't want to give me a discount in Saphay, I regret not buying the patchworks bag by the Lahu people on top of the pass on the way to Pai.... I'm glad I wrote this, because I notice all my regrets are related to consumerism... so, really, I feel grateful that I don't regret anything bigger! :)]

Be honest about the fact that you know nothing, it's the only way you will open up to learning something.

You cannot learn a language without learning the culture behind the language. I'm pretty sure that customs came before words. Even accents teach you about the culture and language. Listen carefully.

Practice art to learn to live more mindfully.

Remember that it's all relative.

You are closest to your nature when life is too intense for your brain to be able to grasp it to keep up with the it shuts up and lets you through.

The only thing stopping you from living the life you want is fears.
The symptom of my fear is usually anxiety.
My biggest fear is not knowing.
My way of enjoying adventures despite my fear is to be self sufficient and always be planning ahead.. but the trick is to remain unattached to the plans.

Don't try to make a friend, try to be a friend.
Don't be interesting, be interested.

During this trip it became really clear that the root of all my suffering is expectations.
At Loi Krathong, the night before Dariya and I set out on this journey, I floated the lantern with intention to let go of expectations.... only to be reminded time after time after time, how good I am at having expectations. I'm alot better now at noticing my expecations and managing them to be more happy.

Learning to recognize my gut voice better among all the chatter in my brain and listening to it brought me to amazing places for amazing experiences.

It's really important to be mindful and respectful towards the culture of the country you are visiting, but don't forget to stay respectful and true to your own inner micro culture... or else you won't be your genuine self.

You always have a choice. If you feel like you don't have a choice, you need to step back, review your priorities and adjust your plan.

Living in the now doesn't mean not having a vision for your future.

Give every situation the benefit of the doubt that the way you see it is limited to your perspective. It very well may not be as bad as it seems and if you can change your view you can change your reality. And if it's a good situation, well there is nothing to resolve, just enjoy it ;)

Water buffaloes are the most peaceful and baa veghaar animals I have ever encountered.  Watch them walk in a slippery rock bed river to be reminded of how to move with grace.

When the time comes, you'll know.
Be patient.
Strive to remain loving, remain good, no matter what your circumstance.
The universe reflects back your intention.

When the time comes, you will do what you always wanted.  I trust that when the time comes, I will practice yoga and meditation everyday ;)

You don't choose much of what matters... you don't have control in the making happen of what is most profound. At most, you may have contributed by your intention. But once you are aware of its existence,  you are responsible for it.... for managing it... for making it last or for stopping it from growing.
The first example is that you don't choose to be born.
The next example is that you don't choose who you love.

Strive to give up control.
Surrender and let your inner knowing shine through to guide you.

My favourite passtime is to look at a map.
My favourite act of procrastination is to cook or to eat.
My greatest indulgence is still a hot shower and eating something sweet!

There is nothing more valuable than learning your own patterns.
Get to know yourself, it's the only way you will be happy.


  1. I love all this, Ainaz.

    Who can argue with such experience-won wisdom?


  2. Thanks for the great post, Ainaz. Hugs! :))

  3. Hi Ainaz

    We met briefly in Vientiane. You at a red light looking for Route 13 North, me on a scooter advising you to take another route.

    Enjoyed meeting you and enjoyed your blog. Hope all is well.


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